Kašperské Hory is located in the heart of the Bohemian Forest. It is the ideal spot to start your walks and hikes in the surrounding wild life, or you can use the frequent tourist bus, which will take you to surrounding places, deeper into the National Park or to the city of Sušice with its supermarkets, cinema, museum, aquapark and other things of interest.

Kašperské Hory itself offers many interesting showplaces too. You can visit the three ancient churches – St . Margaret, St. Nicholas -the third oldest church in the region- and Our Lady of the Snows. In addition, there is the local Museum, where you can view the many art works, which originate from those churches, an interesting collection of historical glass, folk art, Christmas cribs and an extensive natural science collection. Besides this museum Kašperské Hory offers a second museum, which is located next to Domus Maria: the Museum of motorcycles and folk toys. The National Park Information Centre is housed in the former barracks on the outskirts of town (direction of Sušice) and offers activities and exhibitions for young and old.

From the town square you can already see the castle Kašperk overlooking the area. It provides for magnificent views, two guided tours a day during the holiday season and lots of exciting activities for children and parents. On the other side of town, you will find the quiet and picturesque Amálino valley and higher up the fairytale village Červená amidst surrounded by mountains and forests and known for its great herds of bison.

Around Kašperské Hory there are many nature trails – i.e. the gold diggers trail, border guards trail and many ancient shortcuts between settlements which were only known to local villagers. In addition to these hiking, biking and cross-country trips through the Bohemian Forest, whether on the plateaus around Kvilda and Modrava or around Srní and Vchynic-Tetov Canal, you can visit the many beautiful lakes or admire the the Alps from the top of Oblík. On your way, you will find many remnants of old foundations and fruit trees, remains of extinct settlements, a sad legacy of the post World War II period.

The Bohemian Forest is exciting in any weather and any season. We will be glad to you advise you on your holiday program. In any case, we recommend to begin your stay with a visit to the Information Centre in the Town Hall. There you will get lot of excellent tips for trips including brochures, maps and timetables of tourist buses. It is also possible to buy publications, traditional local products and souvenirs.